Professional Service Areas continued...

Development Risk Assessment
  • Assess and validate existing developments for:
  • Entitlement stability and/or viability
  • Best land use/redevelopment options
  • Present worth vs. future worth
  • Time and cost(soft/hard) to complete and/or to maintain
  • Exit strategy
  • Maximize flexibility
  • Minimize financial exposure
Site Design
  • Commercial, and Residential civil site Design and permitting:
  • Topographic analysis and design
  • Ingress/Egress, circulation and parking designs
  • Stormwater pond attenuation and treatment designs
  • Infrastructure Design and permitting
  • Potable water and fire protection design
  • Sanitary sewer collection design
  • Environmental permitting
Strategic Planning
  • Adjacent land use and compatibility
  • Traffic impacts
  • Infrastructure compatibility
  • "Green" implications
  • Conflict resolution
  • Practical and viable conceptual plans
Value Engineering
  • Review all design documents at various "percentage complete" submittals
  • Build ability, alternate design options
  • Consult contractors for constructability and construction sequencing
  • Ensure design minimizes future maintenance
  • Utility coordination
Construction Management
  • Reconcile construction schedule with permitting constraints
  • Create bid packages and solicit bids
  • Develop and award contract for owner
  • Shop drawing review/approval
  • Onsite inspection/meetings and progress reporting
  • Pay request validation
  • Conflict resolution between design engineer and contractor
  • Mediator between permitting agency and client
  • Resolve conflicting utility placement
  • Close out documents