Dantin Consulting Projects:

Debbie Dantin - All Project Type Experience

Work types:
Engineering: Traffic Engineering & Operations, Signals/ITS
Planning: Transportation and Community Planning, Corridor Studies & PD&E Studies, Transportation Concurrency & CPA, Policy Planning

Traffic Engineering & Operations

Leon County School (LCS) Transportation and CNG Facility, Leon County, FL

25 acre site for Leon County School's new transportation facility located in southwest Tallahassee (SR 20/SR 263 intersection) with bus storage, maintenance and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) facility. The CNG site is leased and will be operated by a separate private entity, NoPetro, which required coordination of operations studies, design and all permitting issues with the LCS site and with City, County, Blueprint 2000 and FDOT. LCS hired Dantin Consulting (Debbie) to provide all needed traffic analysis to accommodate site including; SIS access management variance, signal warrant study, concurrency analysis, turn lane analyses, conceptual turn lane design, access/utility agreement with adjacent property owner, and comprehensive plan amendment (CPA) for future CNG convenience store. Keith was hired to facilitate the entitlement process with County/City staff and to develop and negotiate scope/cost share agreement with other local and State agencies to pair together resources and share regional storm water facilities so as to maximize developable site. Dantin Consulting is a Continuing Engineering Service provider to Leon County School Board.

 FAMU Way Alternatives Analysis and CSX Rail Crossing Analysis/Coordination,Tallahassee, FL

Using the two-way road alternative analysis previously conducted for the Gaines Street Feasibility Study as a base scenario, analyzed three (3) roadway alignment alternatives for FAMU Way Extension to Lake Bradford Road. 2028 AADT forecasts modeled with CUBE with increased land use densities and intensities, factored to obtain AM and PM peak hour traffic volumes. Conducted operations analysis, capacity assessment (roadway segments and intersections), compare signal versus roundabouts and prepare roundabout design concept. Identification of roadway segment lane calls, intersection improvements and mobility/safety recommendations for transit, bikes and pedestrians. As a separate project and part of the City's design of FAMU Way Extension, conducted CSX Rail Crossing analysis for new at-grade crossing. Prepare rail crossing package with data collection/analysis for project justification. This was a 6-7 month process once submitted to FDOT/CSXT with regular follow-up with in coordination with FDOT Central Rail Office, CSXT Regional Public Crossings Office and the City.

Apalachee Parkway (SR 20) Access Management and Retrofit 5-lane Section with Median Installation, Tallahassee, FL

Lead engineer for a City of Tallahassee initiated project to improve safety. One of the first projects in the state of Florida to successfully retrofit a 5-lane section to a divided lane facility with raised median as part of an FDOT resurfacing project. Assessment of a 5-lane State roadway to Review crash data, worked with 121 business owners along the corridor, obtained traffic counts, identify full/directional median openings, left (and Uturn) lane assessment, interconnections between properties, new signalized intersections, and initiate traffic calming on affected residential roadways. Assist with preparation of engineering design plans for FDOT and obtain necessary design variances. Conducted extensive individual property owner and public meetings, conduct all presentations to MPO and City Commission to initially approve proceeding with the project and later present to FDOT's statewide access management offices on the process followed.

 Signal Design and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Projects
US Bus. 98 @ 4th Street Mast Arm Signal Design and Intersection Realignment, Panama City, FL

Prepare signal design plans for relocation and upgrade of existing span wire signal to mast arms to accommodate intersection safety realignment along Business US 98. Identify access and turn lane needs onto adjacent residential roadway, businesses and intersection approaches. Provide design markups and oversee CAD work while coordinating with roadway designers, structural engineers, FDOT Maintenance/District offices, City of Panama City and Bay County. Submittal of 60%, 90%, 100% and final design plans with review of bid documents, prepared by others.

 Okaloosa County, Phase I and II Advanced Transportation Management System/ITS and Fiber Optic Communications Construction Engineering and Inspection Services, Okaloosa County, FL

Role as Senior Project Engineer for FDOT construction inspection services managing signal fiber optic communications installation and construction of Transportation Management Center in Okaloosa County, signal maintenance office and remote operations center in Chipley (FDOT District 3 offices). Phases I and II included 40 miles of underground fiber optic communication along State roadways though Destin, Ft. Walton Beach and the City of Shalimar. ITS system components including software and communications to CCTV and dynamic message signs (DMS) were installed. Oversee Genesis design services (signal timing and before & after evaluation) construction contractors and team's CEI field staff.

 Community & Master Planning Alys Beach Master Planned Coastal Community, Walton County

Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) on 159 acres with mix of land uses including: 599 dwelling units, hotel, commercial and office land uses, in a coastal beach community along CR 30-A with emphasis on pedestrian, bicycle and future transit travel. Prepared traffic analysis required by DCA for subDRI (i.e., Binding Letter of Determination), concurrency analysis , operations studies for conceptual design of an upgraded CR 30-A to a boulevard section, which runs through this coastal, high-end, unique 'green' development site. Ensure multimodal connectivity, assist with design concept and performed transportation analyzes to include safety features for bicycle and pedestrians, traffic control internal and external to the site, and preparation of Planned Unit Development (PUD) documents. Provided all transportation services for development Team of owners, civil, environmental, legal experts and urban planning firm of Duany-Plater Zyberk, DPZ), from design Charrette, early-on public involvement throughout the various stages of permitting and multi-agency approval process.

    Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan, Valdosta-Lowndes County

Prepared MPO's first Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan for five (5) municipalities by identifying Core Walkable Area for targeting improvements using newly developed design standards. Conducted field review and assessments using extensive mapping overlays using GIS for traffic counts, speed & crash data, existing and future land uses, transportation network (existing and planned), future transit routes, low income areas, parks/green space, schools, other pedestrian attraction areas, Moody Air Force Base and integration with Valdosta State University's Master Plan. Developed implementation costs, prioritized short and long-term projects, identified future funding sources and prepared Land Development Code additions including traffic calming and other smart code policies and standards. Held public meetings with tailored outreach (and largest turnout ever in Valdosta), coordination with three (3) MPO Subcommittees, GDOT, City Council meeting presentations to successfully obtain MPO approval.

 Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) Campus Master Plan, Tallahassee, Florida

2015 Master Plan Update for the primary FAMU campus and satellite campuses located along US 90 (Mahan Drive), Gadsden County, Panama City and Crestview. Data Collection including roadway traffic volumes, level of service (LOS), functional roadway classification and ownership, compile/evaluate crash data, transit service, parking inventory and bicycle-pedestrian circulation, with consideration of network/land use modifications surrounding campus area and local government MMTD mobility goals. Prepare FAMU updated Transportation Element and analyses for main campus master plan with new vehicular, pedestrian-bicycle and transit circulation, goals/objectives/policy development, safety assessment, new/enhanced entryways, roadway closures and transportation concurrency analyses for new expansion plans. Team/FAMU and agency meetings, design charette participation and assistance in Development Agreement with local governments.

 Corridor and PD&E Studies CR 30-A Corridor Traffic Study, Walton County

Traffic analysis for an 18.4 mile 2-lane, coastal roadway and for buildout of future land uses, identification of enhancements for bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities, street design standards (Comprehensive Plan & LDC language) for facility upgrades, ITS/signals/roundabout planning and warrant studies, cost-benefit analyses, vehicle & non-vehicular connectivity, alternative and new roadway corridor impacts on capacity, alternative 'active' transportation concurrency policies, short & long-term improvement recommendations and costs, along with implementation procedures/priorities for this constrained destination corridor.

 Burgess Road (SR 742) PD&E, Escambia County, FL

Transportation analysis for approx. 4.0 mile corridor from 2-lane to 4-lane facility. Develop forecasted traffic for opening, interim and design year (2015, 2025, and 2035) traffic using long-range model data. Analyze vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian and transit level of service (LOS) using LOS manual and QLOS guidelines from FDOT, and intersection LOS using SYNCHRO/SimTraffic. Turn lane analyses, future signalization needs, intersection geometry, roadway realignment, access modifications, adjacent circulation impacts and conceptual solutions to address safety/operations, assist with design variances associated with limited right-of-way and extensive horizontal/vertical curves through a residential area, including schools, churches and business districts at both ends, and attend all public meetings. Prepare Design and LOS Technical Memorandum in accordance with FDOT guidelines for review by Escambia County, West Florida Regional Planning Agency, FDOT and FHWA.